This page is an overview of our most important policies.  It is not a comprehensive listing, and does not take precedence over any signed contract between you and Friendly Dragon Dog Behavior Consulting. Our specific policies are listed in each individual service contract.  If you register for services, you will be presented with a copy of the applicable contract for your review online.  We recommend you read the contract in its entirety.


Private training sessions and packages are refundable up to 48 hours before the first scheduled appointment.  Private training appointments and packages are not refundable, in whole or in part, after this 48 hour window has passed.


Private training sessions may be re-scheduled with no penalty up to 48 hours before the scheduled appointment. Appointments cancelled after this window has passed will not be credited. Appointments cancelled by Friendly Dragon Dog Behavior Consulting due to inclement weather will be credited in full. Appointments cancelled due to a medical emergency by the client will receive a credit as well.


All of our contracts mandate that the owner maintain sole responsibility for his or her dog’s behavior.

Dogs are very rarely dismissed from private training by the trainer due to behavior, but if they are, owners will receive a pro-rated refund for remaining sessions only.

We do require owners to be compliant to safety protocols that may include muzzling, leashing, restricting access to other people, and use of equipment such as a head halter. Dismissal of a client due to refusal to follow safety protocols does not create an exception to our refund policy.

We do not guarantee specific behavioral results. Successful companion pet programs depend on a combination of learned skills on the part of pet and owner. Behavior is not static; an animal will not continue to perform even trained behaviors without ongoing practice. Especially in cases involving any type of aggression, although behavior may be modified, the dog is never considered “cured”. 


No physical punishment or intimidation of dogs is allowed during training or for the duration of the program due to the potential for serious adverse side effects.

If you physically punish or intimidate your dog (including but not limited to hitting, kicking, screaming at, spanking, shocking, or choking) you will be asked to stop. Persisting in this behavior or becoming confrontational will result in dismissal. Dismissal for violating this policy does not create an exception to our refund policy. Owners are solely responsible for their actions.

In addition, our clients must disclose any other trainers consulted during the duration of the program as well as their methods. Evidence that physical punishment has been used by another trainer hired by the Client may also be grounds for dismissal from the program.


All dogs must have proof of current rabies vaccination.


Please click here for a full copy of the policies and waiver of liability agreed to upon enrollment.